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Laura Jacobson (McCammon)
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Healthcare/Education Committed Relationship 1
Not enough space here to provide my brief "bio", but I will try.
1 wonderful son, HS senior, Blackbelt, Eagle scout, into cars...girls too.
1 dog, beautiful with unconditional love daily
1 Ex
1 Genuine, fun, southern professional, goofball BF
I am into second career as a Home Healthcare Educator
Have lived in the south for 19 it...ya'll ! First Atlanta, then Memphis, TN, and back to Atlanta. 
I continue to be very active playing tennis and golf year round. I enjoy running, Zumba, weight training, and time with friends.
I volunteer at the local Free Health clinic and teach tennis for POPS special needs high school students.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you! But, WTF?... is this low attendance? We had parties larger than this!!
Lets make it memorable! See you soon!

Ann Thompson (Moore)
May 17, 1954 Married 2
My husband of 35 yrs and I have been living in Kansas City for the last 23 yrs.  We have 2 wonderful sons and daughter-in-laws.  We are thrilled they are all in town so we see our 3 grandsons quite often.  I am not working so I love being the available grandma! Send Ann a MessageSend Ann a Message
Dianne Myhre
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Senior Sales Rep Pharmaceutical & Biotech research Committed Relationship
Still in the San Francisco area - 33 years now.  Steve and I keep busy hiking, traveling, SF Giants games, and enjoying the many museums, galleries, film festivals,  and fine wining & dining that make up the Bay Area.  I'm actively planning our next trip to South Africa for Steve's 60th, after which I'll start on my 60th in New Zealand.  I'm still loving my job after 32 years though I'm  working on an eventual 2nd career path - in the wine industry.  I love everything about wines (esp.  the art of food & wine pairings), and am making a point to explore as many global wine regions as possible.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful life; I have an incredible partner in Steve and great friends, family, and people I work with.   I hope your path in life is a good one as well.
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Beth Nelson (Null)
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Sales Married 1
Things are good at the Null household.  My son Michael starts college in the fall at UTSA. I am employed by Depomed after retiring from Glaxo.  My husband has a law practice and works from home.  I have wonderful memories of school from Brookside to high school and look forward to seeing all of you! Send Beth a MessageSend Beth a Message
Patricia Garvey (O'Bryan)
September 27, 1953 retired Married 2
I've been married 38 years to a wonderful man and have 2 beautiful daughters.  One is married with a son and the other lives in Florida.  Enjoying my retirement from the SLP schools. Send Patricia a MessageSend Patricia a Message
Rick Oestreich
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January 20, 1954 Retired - Technology Sales Married 2
Hello Everyone, 

The Last 50 years have been a learning experience with many lessons and blessings along the way.  I played Rugby for 15 years and after hanging up the boots, became a Rugby Administrator helping to grow the sport.  Had a career in software programming and melded that into a career of twenty some years of software sales .  I married Pattie Gerr from St. Paul in May of 1985 and we haven't looked back. We raised two great kids, a daughter and a son, both great and live close in the Twin Cities.  Pattie and I are both retired and taking advantage of retirement by traveling and seeing the country.  We are checking off our bucket list of National Parks to visit.  I spoke to Charlie Solender and he said he would go to the reunion if I go so here we are.  It should be  interesting to see who shows 
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Joan Oxman
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April 20, 1990 Realtor and Teacher Married 2
I can't believe that 40 years have passed!  I'm really looking forward to connecting with all of my friends from the past. Send Joan a MessageSend Joan a Message
Jeff Perlman
May 20, 1954 Residential Developer/Investor Married 1
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Nancy Herman (Perlman)
May 23, 1954 Business Executive & Consultant Divorced
Looking forward to seeing everyone on August 4! 
Barry Plotnick
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August 27, 1954 retired Married 2
Even though my family moved out of SLP after my sophomore year, I've always felt a part of the "Class of 72". After all, I did go to school with a bunch of you guys for 10 years. Anyways, now that I see all the people attending, I wish I had made the decision to come. Maybe I'll make the 50th if I'm invited. Enough about that.
I've been happily married for the last 12 years. I have a daughter from my first marriage and a wonderful step-son courtesy of my wife. He just got married in March.
For the past 35 years or so I've been involved in the fruit & vegetable industry. I've been very blessed and fortunately, my business partner decided to buy me out almost 2 years ago. Retirement is great! Every night is Friday night and every day is Saturday. Y'all have a great time and look me up if you're ever passing through south Georgia
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