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Sandra Sandra Henkels (Henkels Johnson)
June 28, 1954 Bloomington City Attorney Married 2

The kids are grown, the house hunting is  done, the angst of youth is long gone, the career is set and with age and the wisdom of those years exciting projects are yours in the workplace.  All this along with adequate resources to be dangerous.   These are the best years; let the adventure begin!!  I look forward to sharing our stories.

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Chaiya (Wendy) Isenberg
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October 05, 1953 Medical Receptionist/ Pharmacy Tech Married
Enjoying my life with my Life Partner Donna for 28 years. (Married in Canada , Single in the USA.  Vote NO IN NOVEMBER) Love road trips, art creating, music.  Been Taiko Drumming for the past ten years. Looking forward to someday retiring (waiting for the lottery).
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Adrienne Gusek (Johnson)
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April 29, 1954 Married 4
36 years of marriage; 4 sons; 2 granddaughters; our last son getting married soon.  Would love to hear from my old friends.
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Larry Kelner
October 02, 1953 Cash Handling Specialist Married 1

After high school I lived overseas  for about 3 months, working on a "collective farm", which was a very rewarding experience. After that, I worked at the former Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, where I actually reqaquainted with a former classmate at SLP! Then I joined The Minneapolis Public Schools Staff, in their Printing Department for the next 30 years, where I retired at age 48. The shop closed down six months after I retired! 

During this time, I also was the  Ritual Director at my Synagogue that lasted 40 years, until the Synagogue closed in 2011.
 I am now am an associate at Walmart.


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Robert Ketroser
September 24, 1953 Physician Married 2
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Paula Sidla (Koch)
March 03, 1954 sales Married 4

married 38 years.  Never left St.Louis Park.  Have 4 kids all St.Louis Park graduates.  Two are married and we have 5 grandchildren.  Like to travel and am a breast cancer survivor.
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Jeff Kohen
November 04, 1953 physician Married 2
I work at the Mpls VA Medical Center and volunteer for the Boy Scouts.  Eagle scout son Tom is a sophomore at St. Thomas.  Elizabeth is a senior at Mounds View high school.  My wife Deb and I enjoy travel and family time. Send Jeff a MessageSend Jeff a Message
Debbie Petersen (Kristal)
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August 31, 1953 Owners of Texa- Tonka Lanes Married 2
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Missy Cohen (Lavintman)
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February 18, 1954 Teacher and Weight Watcher Leader Married 5
Where does the time go? My grandfather, of blessed memory, used to say, "It's all a dream."  I'm beginning to understand what he meant...
Looking forward to reconnecting with "old" friends.
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Reida Laiderman (Lazer-Chein)
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September 18, 1953 Publishing Sales Representative Married 1
I still live in St. Louis Park with my husband David. Together we have 3 sons, all living on the East Coast. David's sons and their wives live in Connecticut and New York City. My son and his wife live in Silver Spring, Maryland. We have two grandchildren who we don't see often enough.

I've worked in the education field since graduating from the University of Minnesota. I taught high school English for 17 years in the Edina and Mounds View School Districts. Ready for a change of pace, I left teaching and became a publishing sales representative for Taylor Publishing Company (now called Balfour) in 1992. As a publishing representative, I work with yearbook advisers and their staffs, teaching them desktop publishing as they produce their yearbooks. Yearbooks have changed a lot since 1972. I am most excited to work with the Echowan staff year after year!

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